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The voice, in tune or out of tune, tells or stammers the reasons and feelings of the body in which it lives. It touches, touches, vibrates and vibrates the natural correspondence between being, existing and the manifestation of each individuality. The author undertakes a research with the intention of highlighting how much the voice instrument, unlike other musical instruments, is a living element, since it is born and conforms to each individual. Analyzing the memory of the voice, through different physiologies, centuries and techniques, it is told how this can be expressed in song, in word, in melody, in noise, in breath, in scream, in thought, in silence, resulting as a reflection of personal identity.


The book proposes a research on improvisation, a form of instant composition, which, thanks to personal experiential baggage, guided by sensory activities, would allow a profound listening to one's being. The author starts by clarifying what a performance is and crossing the meaning of performer with a brief philosophical excursus, she comes to give a personal definition of improvisation and the importance of her practice.

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