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Children Project

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Welcome to the world of improvisation where you can listen to the emotions that dwell in your body and open unpredictable and profound communication channels with people. It is called instant composition, because it is created at the precise moment in which it is made, but it is also intended as the end of a path that as such requires technique and constant practice. In short, to improvise you must first learn. Learn the rules of the game, internalize them and then ... forget them. In the improvisational journey, everything happens depending on who grasps the object, lives the experience, plays the instrument, answers the riddle. It is not allowed to plan one's moves before making them because they must be the result of a profound ability to listen to oneself and to others. Our ability to understand depends on how well we are able to hear. And you don't listen only with the ear but with all the senses and above all with the body. If I listen to me, I will be able to listen to you and therefore I will be able to recognize part of me. And once again the circle is closed. It starts from the ego to return to the ego. This compositional form appeals to creativity, communication skills and personal development. As the games contained in these pages show, especially with children, the use of materials is more free than technical and the process through which it is made matters more than the final product. Therefore, the creativity that is released makes children free and above all more aware.

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Colorina is a cheerful and funny girl, an inhabitant of Liquibia, a faded country. They told her that whoever manages to free the music of colors will restore happiness to the whole world. And she tries ... This book through the fairy tale, the activities proposed in the second part and the attached CD is a laboratory to experiment, play, listen to to enter the world of sounds. The discovery of "sound", from an early age, helps children to enter into a relationship with their own body, with the outside world and with others. A bit like in the language of babies "mmm" becomes "mom", in the same way a sound acquires meaning because someone asks "what is it?

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A simple and fun tale, centered on the animal world, serves as a context and pretext for carrying out listening, playful-creative, psycho-motor, linguistic and cognitive activities in the Kindergarten and in the first year of Primary School. The various operational proposals aim to develop in children a curious and multisensory approach towards reality, to get used to listening, to enhance imagination and creativity, to foster collaboration and cohesion of the group, to exercise a sense of rhythm and interpret the different musical trends with the body; all spontaneously, through songs, body percussion activities, the use of teaching percussion instruments, games for the discovery of musical language and linguistic elements in Spanish and English. The attached CD contains the recited fable, the sung pieces and the background music for the various proposed activities. A valid support for teachers and educators who need a more modern circular and interdisciplinary teaching. For parents, a starting point for the creation of playful-creative activities to accompany the growth of their children.

A performative and didactic musical project, for every community that wants to be an educating community. A project born in full Covid emergency when the school community and the family community needed to rewrite the way to take care of boys and girls together, boys and girls. A story illustrated by Francesca Cosanti, in which a broad introduction suggests rethinking teaching in a didactic community mode, enriched by a useful and original appendix that guides the creation of the proposed games.


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